Misión Ecuador

Leadership & Innovation

An Educational Nonprofit that was born after the earthquake of 2017 in Manta, Ecuador, as a solution to fight poverty by providing knowledge, experiences, and tools to small business owners to overcome the economic consequences in their communities.

​From 2017 to 2023, Misión Ecuador trained 1000 entrepreneurs from different regions of the country, offering scholarships to a 10-day intensive learning retreat in high-end conference spaces.

Role: Research, Branding, Creative & Art Direction, Nationwide Launch Campaign Leader, UX/UI, Video.

Year - 2020

Project - misionecuador.org

The challenge

In 2020 during the global pandemic, inequity and poverty threatened Ecuador with thousands of people losing their jobs and having to face an economic recession.

I was called to help create an online solution to achieve a nationwide campaign that would reach thousands of people and convert 350 SMB owners into new scholarship recipients.

The solution

I proposed my e-learning product: Mango Class. A simple, scalable, and customizable LMS based on the OpenEdx architecture and on an AWS cloud-powered environment.

Mango Class is an interactive digital experience that meets new standards for the country and Latin American educational demands during the lockdown.


Mango Academy
Creative eLearning for Latam